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Kajang - Part One

Long ago there was a Malay and aboriginal settlement named Reko. One day, two friends - one a Malay and one an aborigine, were on their way home on a 'sampan' (small boat) when suddenly there was a heavy rain. The Malay friend said to his aborigine friend, 'Let's "berkajang" ', which means let's take a shade but this was misunderstood by his aborigine friend as 'Let's fight' and so he took out his weapon and killed his Malay friend. The place is now known as Kajang.

"Kajang needs a face lift ! ", said the Selangor state government and I fully support this idea. I think it is high time for the local authority to review the traffic system, upgrade public facilities and improve landscaping.

Personally, I don't know of any interesting places to mention here except for the several waterfalls nearby and the famous Kajang Satay but nowadays the Satay is also being sold at restaurant outlets outside Kajang anyway.

However, if you are happened to be in Kajang, these are some of the sights that you could expect to see.

Traffic is quite chaotic in Kajang

One of the busiest streets. This is in front of Billion Supermarket

The history of Kajang dated back in 1709 when the first settlement in Kajang was established and in 1807, Kajang was founded after the Klang war. Wikipedia

The Hokkien Association Hall, one of the old buildings in Kajang

The murky river that pass through Kajang town

Tree in wall - an interesting sight at an Equestrian club next to Country Heights Kajang

A church located at Jalan Semenyih

Kajang Mosque. Note the neat green paint around the mosque including at road curb and tree trunk.

This is a new park located in Bangi

The origin of Kajang is written on a history plaque in the park

Talking about food, my favourites are the following:

Nasi Lemak: 'Nasi Lemak Kukus' stall next to a Car Wash along Jalan Sungai Kantan.

Chinese meals
: Restoran Fook Loy at Kampung Baru Sungai Chua next to a junction turning to SILK highway, Restoran AG Seafood in a Chinese Temple behind Maybank Kajang, Restoran Xi Lai Ton at Sungai Chua

Hokkien fried noodle
: A stall in a Chinese template (at Jalan Mendaling) near Maybank Kajang

Rojak: Indian stall beside a Chinese temple (at Jalan Mendaling) near Maybank Kajang

Curry Chee Cheong Fun
: Hawker stall in Restoran Tai Kee Food Corner at Sungai Chua.

Roasted Duck/Pork and ChickenRice
: Hawker stall in Restoran Tai Kee Food Corner at Sungai Chua.

Satay: Restoran Satay Kajang Hj Samuri next to Kajang Stadium, Restoran Malaysia opposite of Kajang Police Station,

Supper: Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Cheras at Prima Saujana (near GIANT Kajang)

(1) There are many road side stalls selling Nasi Lemak for breakfast. My favourite is 'Nasi Lemak Kukus' by a stall located next to a Car Wash along Jalan Sungai Kantan. You can enjoy your breakfast there while your car is being washed. The stall is hidden under a tree on the right hand side of the road if you are traveling towards Prima Saujana via Jalan Sungai Kantan

(2) Restoran Fook Loy is located at Kampung Baru Sungai Chua next to a junction turning to SILK highway. I like their Tomyan in Coconut shell, steam fish, and fish fillet fried in spring onion

(3) Restoran Xi Lai Ton is located beside the road to Sungai Chua. It serves the usual Chinese dishes.

(4) Restoran AG Seafood is located in a Chinese Temple (next to a river) behind Maybank Kajang. It serves the usual Chinese dishes.

(5) The Indian stall selling Rojak and Mee Rebus is located beside a Chinese temple (at Jalan Mendaling) near Maybank Kajang. At night, there is a 'Tai Chow' stall selling Hokkien fried noodle in the same temple.

(6) This is a Kajang Satay restaurant operated by a Chinese family. The restaurant is located beside a Shell petrol station opposite of Kajang Police station

(7) There are many satay restaurants in Kajang. Restoran Satay Kajang Hj Samuri is the most popular one. It also has restaurant outlets outside Kajang.

(8) There are many hawker stalls here in this restaurant which is located in Sungai Chua. I like the curry chee cheong fun and the roasted duck/ pork and chicken rice. Sungai Chua is also famous for its Spicy hot soup but I have not tried any yet.

(9) This Kari Kepala Ikan Cheras restaurant is very crowded at night. It is located at Prima Saujana (near GIANT Kajang supermarket)

Kajang Road Map - my favourite places are marked with red dot

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