Saturday, 21 March 2009


I got my X-Trail in Oct 2005 and Sekinchan was my first outing with my new X-Trail

Sekinchan is popular for its vast paddy fields and a leading rice growing area in Malaysia with an output that is higher than the rice producing state of Kedah (dubbed the 'Rice Bowl of Malaysia'). It is also a fishing town popular for its seafood. During mango season, farmers are seen selling the fruit at roadside stalls.

We started our journey in the morning, stopped at Kuala Selangor for a crab-meehoon lunch, drove up to Sekinchan and spent the whole afternoon driving around the town, paddy field and fishing village and then back to Kuala Selangor for a seafood dinner.

To get there, from Kuala Lumpur, we took the Sungai Buloh-Ijok-Kuala Selangor-Sekinchan route. Alternate route is Kuala Lumpur-Klang-Kapar-Kuala Selangor-Sekinchan, which is the route that we took on our way home.

Another side of village

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