Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kajang - Part Two

The outskirt of Kajang is more interesting to me.

From Kajang, take a drive to Semenyih and then turn in to Jalan Sungai Lalang and drive towards Hulu Langat and Pangsun and you will get to see the country side view of remote and mostly undeveloped places.

Country side view along Jalan Sungai Lalang from Semenyih towards Hulu Langat and Pangsun

There is an ostrich farm with a minimal entrance fee

Beatiful lanscape at the entrance of Semenyih Memorial Hill

There are many fishing ponds along the way

This is one of the fishing ponds operating 24 hours

Nirvana memorial park - a large and well maintained memorial park, a permanent resting place for many people of Klang Valley

Entrance to Sungai Tekala waterfall

Christian Memorial park

Beautiful landscape

Semenyih dam

Large fishing place for some people

Entrance to another waterfall, Sungai Gabai

Sungai Gabai waterfall, one of the several waterfalls around the Hulu Langat area. The other popular ones are Sungai Congkak and Sungai Batangsi waterfall not far from Sungai Gabai

Many fruit-stalls by the roadside during fruit season

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  1. Never thought Kajang has plenty interesting place except Kajang Satay.
    Looking forward to visit Kajang ONE DAY
    Thanks for marvelous infor.