Sunday, 24 May 2009


Several years ago Broga received a lot of attention because of an incinerator project. The local folks objected strongly to the project for a reason that is very obvious to them and the project was subsequently cancelled by the Government citing cost as the reason. (The Star)

It was all quiet since then until recently I came across an article in Sin Chew Daily about the place. Little did I know that the sleepy small town of Broga has several attractions that are not on the tourism maps that I have seen so far.

Broga Hill
The panoramic scenic view from atop of Broga Hill is probably the main attraction that draw people to this place. See some of the beautiful scenery here (Broga Hill) and some more photos here (More photos of Broga Hill)

Rock Temple
There is also a Chinese temple called Rock Temple (literally translated from its Chinese name, Sek Dato). It is located at an end-road not far from the town. If you are not into climbing hills but still want to enjoy a scenic view at Broga, then this is the place. The location of the temple and the hill next to it reminds me of Wisdom Path in Lantau Island (Hong Kong). In my mind there is a resemblance between these two places.

Rabbit Farm
A rabbit farm is located at about 1 km before Broga town if you are coming from Semenyih. There are several rabbits where one can feed and play with them, a couple of ponies to look at, and a man-made pond where Geese chasing one another and a few miserably looking lambs to look at. There is an entrance fee and it is open to public on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. There is a restaurant in the farm serving rabbit meats.

Surprisingly, there is quite a number of Chinese restaurants in a small town like this. I guess there is a demand because of the visitors coming here especially on weekend. Not having any recommended restaurant to go to, we looked for one that is decent and has the most customers. We found Kedai Makanan Ja Xiang at No 5, Jalan Besar, Taman Broga. It is air-condition and the owner is friendly. At his recommendation, we tried their home-made beancurd with crabmeat, fried vegetables with egg (according to the owner, the vegetables are organic and grown locally) and stew pork. The food was good and came in big serving, which is typical of small town restaurants. Price: RM42.50 for 4 persons with a pot of Chinese tea and a complimentary desert on the house. Highly recommended.

Kedai Makanan Ja Xiang at Taman Broga (left) and Broga town centre (right)

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  1. Broga? Never heard bout this place. Nice introduction ;p